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Riley worked in an aircraft plant in California, but viewers usually saw him at home, cheerfully disrupting life with his malapropisms and ill timed intervention into minor problems.

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Bab's School Election (02 Jan 1953)

Babs is running for President of her college's freshman class. Riley attempts to provide unwanted assistance to her election campaign meet with predictable disaster.

Family Reunion (27 Mar 1953)

Riley's family is selected to appear in a radio program that brings parents and a child together for a family reunion - and plants hidden microphones throughout the house to capture their unrehearsed reactions to the event.

Riley's Business Venture (03 Apr 1953)

Riley tries supplementing his wages by buying a hamburger stand.

Riley Camps Out (10 Apr 1953)

Feeling that their families don't sufficiently appreciate them, Riley and Gillis decide to spend their vacation camping at a remote mountain cabin - and come to appreciate their lives back in the suburbs.

Riley Steps Out (10 Apr 1953)

When Riley finds two banquet tickets discarded by his boss he decides to surprise Peg.

Riley's Operation (17 Apr 1953)

Riley's sore throat is traced to his tonsils and he's ordered to have them removed. It's all his family and friends can do to get him to the hospital for his operation.

Riley the Executive Type (01 May 1953)

Riley is convinced he deserves better pay, but his boss accepts his resignation.

Riley's Stomachache (18 Sep 1953)

Riley makes a midnight raid on the icebox and winds up with an upset stomach.

Riley the Animal Lover (25 Sep 1953)

Riley buys a junkman's broken-down horse to save it from the glue factory, but he can't find a place to keep it.

Riley's Burning Ambition (20 Nov 1953)

When the plant foreman is sent out of town on a special job, Riley takes his place.

Riley's Separation (04 Dec 1953)

Riley and Peg plan surprise parties for each other.

Riley the Worrier (18 Dec 1953)

Riley fixes Babs up with a blind date.

Riley Teaches Junior Boxing (01 Jan 1954)

Riley teaches Junior to box.

Junior's Double Date (22 Jan 1954)

Junior has two dates for his first dance.

Riley and the Boss' Niece (09 Feb 1954)

Riley is a bundle of nerves, after he promises his boss, Mr. Cunningham, that he'll get a football player to escort his big homely niece to the school dance.

Riley's Anniversary (04 Jun 1954)

Riley and Peg plan surprise parties for each other.

Junior's Secret (17 Sep 1954)

Junior and Egbert plot to buy a boat, but Riley and Gillis misunderstand and think they are planning to get married.

Destination Brooklyn (08 Oct 1954)

The family heads for Brooklyn when Riley wins a vacation.

The Dog Watch (15 Oct 1954)

The boss's dog escapes from Riley.

Come Back Little Junior (14 Jan 1955)

Junior and Egbert leave home, with their fathers in hot pursuit.

Love Comes to Waldo Binney (07 Oct 1955)

Confirmed bachelor Waldo falls in love.

Do It Yourself (21 Oct 1955)

Having promised a fishing trip to Hawkins, and then forgetting to rent a boat, Riley and Otto borrow Muley's rowboat, but wreck it. They then turn to attempting to assemble a prefab boat, but stupidly put it together in Riley's parlor.

Bab's Wedding (20 Jan 1956)

It's Babs' wedding day and its hard to tell who's more nervous - Chester A. Riley or his daughter, the bride.

Junior Quits School (03 Feb 1956)

Riley's task is to persuade Junior to complete his education.

Destination Del Mar Vista (12 Oct 1956)

Riley and Gillis go house-hunting in Del Mar Vista.

Friends Are Where You Find Them (26 Oct 1956)

Furious with one another after arguing, best friends Riley and Gillis compete to meet other people and make new friends.

Juvenile Delinquent (02 Nov 1956)

Junior announces his intention to buy a hot rod.

Deep In The Heart of Texas (08 Feb 1957)

Riley and Gillis startle the town with a midnight horse ride.

A Young Man's Fancy (08 Mar 1958)

Riley steps in when he suspects Junior is dating an older woman.

Bab's Dream House (15 Mar 1957)

Babs tells Peg that she and her husband have hired a famous architect to design their new home. Riley isn't convinced that the designer knows his business and soon the two men are butting heads over the project's blueprints.

Vacation Plans (24 May 1957)

When Riley is furlough temporarily from his job, he decides to surprise the family and take them on a spring vacation, but Peg, Babs and Junior aren't too keen on the prospect.

Help From Honeybee (16 May 1958)

Gillis and Honeybee stage a split-up to stop Riley from meddling in their affairs.