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Western set in the Texas town of Langtry, named after Lillie Langtry. When storekeeper Roy Bean becomes fed up with the lawlessness in the town, he sets establishes himself as a judge and introduces a system of law and order.

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The Runaway (15 Oct 1955)

A young boy thinks his father is "yellow" because he takes abuse from his boss in order to provide for the family. The boy runs away, and it's up Jeff and Roy to renew the boy's faith in his father.

Slightly Prodihal (15 Oct 1955)

Judge Roy Bean meets a woman who has recently come to town looking for her son. Unfortunately he discovers that her son has become an outlaw.

Black Jack (01 Nov 1955)

Judge Roy Bean goes after a dangerous train robber who has escaped from prison.

The Fugitive (01 Dec 1955)

The Judge helps out a rancher who is being blackmailed by three criminals who are pretending to be news reporters.

Letty Leaves Home (01 Dec 1955)

Letty decides to leave town when she begins to believe that she is being too much of a tomboy.

Checkmate (01 Jan 1956)

While trying to steal a payroll, a wanted killer is wounded. But Judge Roy isn't so sure the funeral being held is real.

The Eyes of Texas (01 Jan 1956)

Attempting to steal land from an Indian tribe, crooked ranchers kill one of the braves and the Judge must move fast to prevent an all-out massacre.

The Hidden Truth (01 Jan 1956)

Judge Bean discovers that a young vagabond he jailed for a minor offense may be involved in a major unsolved gold heist.

Outlaw's Son (01 Feb 1956)

Judge Bean appoints himself as the legal guardian of a young man whose father was a member of an outlaw gang. Bean's reward -- the boy's uncle puts a $3000 bounty on his head !

Deliver The Body (01 Jul 1956)

Sheriff Blade arrives from Comstock to arrest rancher Del Randall on what appears to the Judge in trumped up charges. Bean and Taggart put Del in jail for safety while they investigate Blade's connection to suspiciously wealthy Mendenhall.