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The misadventures of a TV writer both at work and at home.

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Never Name A Duck (26 Sep 1962)

Ritchie becomes very attached to two baby ducks that were left over from a show and adopts them. Rob faces the task of making Ritchie understand the consequence of trying to keep pets that may be happier living in the wild.

Bank Book 6565696 (17 Oct 1962)

Rob discovers Laura's secret bank account. Its mystery preoccupies his thoughts till he finally has to confront her and ask what it's for.

Hustling the Hustler (24 Oct 1962)

Rob doesn't know what he's in for when he invites Buddy's charming, pool hustling brother Blackie over for dinner and a friendly game of billiards.

The Night the Roof Fell In (21 Nov 1962)

Having each had a rough day, Laura and Rob argue, but only their goldfish can report the truth as Laura and Rob later tell colorful, self-aggrandizing versions to others of what happened.